Base information

Main office address

Russia, Moscow, 109088 Sharikopodshipnikovskaya st, 22, office 38

Company profile

Artix Line is a company focused on the computer telephony market since 1996.

Our main area of activity is delivery of various-telephone equipment of large manufacturers such as Dialogic, Pika and Aculab mainly computer boards and gateways. The main feature of the company is a fast delivery of such equipment, which, even if relatively rare, can be obtained by the customer within 7-14 days.

Another area of our business is a computer telephony software development based on Dialogic, Brooktrout, Eicon, Septel, GammaLink and Pika Technologies boards.

The major software company software products are: a flexible phone processing platform Calliseum and mass notification system BroadsWord.

The telephony platform (scripts and dialogues system) Calliseum is to create the customer based phone applications. Also in Calliseum there are predefined ready-to-use popular services, such as fax server, audio conferencing bridge and televoting system.

The voice broadcaster (call alerting system) BroadsWord is a specialized system designed just for one purpose - to deliver all kind of messages to the list of contacts quickly and accurately and to get a various reports at the end. This is our first CTI software and has a large number of customers and, therefore, is still available separately, though in Calliseum you can create your own personal broadcaster.

We understand the companies that resell our equipment, and therefore often go for a discount for our partners. The similar situation is with the software.