Dialogic SS7 equipment

All Dialogic SS7 boards (cards) are delivered during 7-14 days.

Dialogic SS7 boards

Name Interface Form factor SS7 links Protocols
SPCI2S up to 2 E1 PCI 4 Not applicable
SPCI4 up to 4 E1 PCI 4 Not applicable
SS7HDP up to 4 E1 PCI 64 Not applicable
TX 4000/20 up to 4 E1 PCI 16 MTP/ISUP/TUP/BICC
TX 4000 up to 4 E1 PCI 32 MTP/ISUP/TUP/BICC
TX 5020E up to 4 E1 PCIe 32 MTP/ISUP/TUP/BICC
TX 5500E up to 4 E1 PCIe 128 MTP/ISUP/TUP/BICC

Protocols for SIU servers and Dialogic SS7 boards

Name Description
MTP, MTP2, MTP3 Message Transfer Part
SCCP Signaling Connection Control microprocessor Part class 0,1,2
TCAP Transaction Capabilities Application Part
INAP, AIN Intelligent Networking
MAP Mobile Application Part
TUP Telephony User Part