Televoting system

Televoting system Artix Televoting (based on the platform Calliseum) can work with the various call processing hardware and software platforms of the companies Dialogic and Pika and used for providing votings, inquiries, lotteries and competitions over phones. Artix Televoting provides a single point of integration for any kind of PBXs having analog (loop start) and/or digital (ISDN PRI/BRI, SIP, H.323) interface. The system is easily scalable up to 1000 channels on the chassis of a standard PC.

Televoting System Artix Televoting provides a user with the utilities for formation of different types of votings and inquiries. The voting results can be published in Internet and viewed online by any Web client. System has a client-server architecture for managing the database with the televoting results.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.