Audio Conferencing Bridge InterCall

Audio conferencing bridge InterCall is a powerful tool for making large-size (up to 540 conferees per server) audio conferences using analog and digital (ISDN PRI, SIP, H.323) lines made on the basis of telephony platform Calliseum.

Audio conferencing bridge InterCall

The main capabilities of the audio conferencing bridge InterCall include the following important features (brief description):

  • Various line types. The audio conference system is able to conduct audio conferences using analogue, ISDN PRI, SIP, H.323 and SS7 lines up to 540 conferees per server.
  • Various ways of starting the audio conference execution. A user can start an audio conference using a remote PC or a phone.
  • Various ways of managing the audio conference execution. A user can control the audio conference using a remote PC or a phone.
  • Conferees notification. The audio conference bridge is able to gather the conferees using outgoing calls before the conference is started.
  • Incoming calls handling. A conferee can enter the audio conference making the call back to the bridge.
  • Conference security. A conferee may be required the authentication before entering the audio conference. Conferees have different conference privileges.
  • Conference schedule. The audio conference can be started automatically by schedule.
  • Conference recording. The audio conference can be recorded to an audio file.
  • Conference reports. A user can prepare and export conference statistics or listen to the recorded conference through a sound card.
  • Conferee control. Conferees are able to control their status settings like audio volume or activity mode.
  • Sub conferences. Sub conference can be created for private talk of some conferees.
  • Multiple users handling. Multiple user access to audio conference bridge resources. The users are able to create their own users and conferences.
  • Operator edition. Administrator can specify the maximum allowable number of active conferees for a user.
  • Echo cancellation and AGC. Echo cancellation and automatic gain control for all conferees.
  • Visual active talkers. The audio conference system can show three actually speaking conferees in online mode.

We can give you a link to a demo version upon request.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.