InterCall, brief description

Operator starts the audio conference by pressing the "Start" button in the client program; the audio conference bridge automatically calls every potential conferee from the contacts list, authorizes them if required and then connects them to the conference. When the conference has to be stopped, the operator presses the "Stop" button making all conferees to be notified to leave the conference.

The audio conferencing bridge provides visual and telephony interface for conference management. The conference operator can see all the conferees participants and their status and is able to call a missing conferee or remove or modify the active conferee.

The audio conference bridge can search for the conferee by several phone routes: if a conferee does not respond on the first number, it goes further until it finds him.

The audio conference system provides its operators not only a user-friendly graphical interface but also a full-featured phone interface for conference management. For example, the operator can select the right conference from a list, start it, add or remove a conferee, start or stop recording etc.

The audio conference bridge is able to recognize and process DTMF signals received from the PBX. That allows the operator to start a conference by pressing a pre-programmed button on the system phone.

A conferee is able to make a call back to the bridge and join the conference after authorization. Each conferee can dynamically change his status by pressing a key on the phone.

We can give you a link to a demo version upon request.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.