Server capabilities

The server part of fax server ArtiFax is a subsystem of the telephony platform Calliseum and therefore has all of its capabilities for handling calls and scripts.

Main features of fax server are:

  • Various ways of incoming messages routing: by the line number, by Caller ID, DID, Fax Id, by data received from to the COM port and by the pressed DTMF digits. In addition, there can be routed by an OCR recognized fax text. This method is nonstandard and therefore it should be used in a script.
  • Automatic conversion of non-graphical files to outgoing fax. Fax server can obtain files of any type, automatically converting them to images suitable for sending by fax.
  • Automatic conversion of incoming fax to files of various formats. Fax server can automatically convert received faxes to image file of BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or Adobe PDF formats.
  • Security. There are many ways to authorize and restrict user rights. They include supervising of incoming and outgoing messages, allowing viewing of the fax first page only, restricted password access, EERS reports and enhanced security mode.
  • Stamps and signatures. The system can automatically insert image files with stamps and signatures to outgoing faxes.
  • Routing between multiple fax servers. In case of Business ArtiFax Edition, it can be configured to use multiple servers for cross-server routing allowing the long distance fax traffic reduction.

We can give you a link to a demo version upon request.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.