Working algorithm

Mass Notifier BroadsWord use case examples are:

  • Automatic debtors notification. The system can be used by companies with a large number of subscribers to notify.
  • Telephone Marketing. Advertising departments can use the system to conduct marketing researches.
  • Sociological surveys. The system can make social surveys, asking questions and recording the answers.
  • Voice, Fax, Email and SMS mass distribution. It is possible to conduct mass voice, fax, SMS and email mass notification for various purposes.

A typical algorithm of the Mass Notifier client is:

  • Starts "Administrator" utility with login and password.
  • Creates a subscribers list, if necessary. This can be done either manually or automatically by importing data from an external database or a text file. After importing, links between the internal and external database fields are saved.
  • Creates a notification task, if necessary. While creating a task the user selects or records from a phone or a microphone voice files, changes some notification task settings, selects the required voice files. Then he prepares a subscribers list, which may include both groups and individual subscribers. Then, he either starts the notification task immediately or saves it for later executions.
  • Starts the notification task and watches the process of task execution. When the user needs to cancel an active task or manually complete it, he stops the task, makes the necessary changes and resumes or finishes it.
  • After the task is completed, the user can prepare different reports regarding the task. The reports can be exported automatically to text or HTML files and then sent to the user using Email.

The Mass Notifier BroadsWord has also many additional features, such as starting mass notification tasks by SMS or a phone call, playing text files using Text-To-Speech technology and other useful functionality which can be read in user's manual.

We can give you a link to a demo version upon request.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.