Voice and fax mail VMail

Voice mail belongs to a set of well-known and very popular "traditional" telecommunication services, which are generally provided on hardware basis by PBX manufacturers and are available for any PBX purchaser. But even here, approach based on the use of advanced technologies of Computer Telephony gives a chance to developers to make a product more competitive both in price and supported features. Open CTI architecture gives an advantage over the traditionally "closed" hardware solutions.

Corporate voice and fax mail system Artix VMail (based on the platform Calliseum) can work with the various call processing hardware and software platforms of the companies Dialogic and Pika. VMail is positioned as a comprehensive solution for any size organizations having telephone infrastructure, including PBX and cabling. VMail provides a single point of integration for any kind of PBXs having analog (loop start) and/or digital (ISDN PRI/BRI, SIP, H.323) interface. The system is easily scalable up to 1000 channels on the chassis of a standard PC.

In contrast to the majority of mail systems shipped with PBXs, VMail supports unlimited number of universal voice&fax mailboxes for any fixed number of telephone lines/channels, i.e. the system price is solely designated by the line/channel license purchased. The system allows the caller to leave a voice or fax message for the called party and this message will be automatically forwarded to mailboxes of other users who are specified in the called user's forward list.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.