Client capabilities

Fax server client is installed on any Windows starting from Windows XP and higher (Win 7, Win 8 etc). Basic client functionality are implemented in the following utilities:

User Agent, standard and extended. This is main utility for working with both sent and received fax messages and allows:

  • Viewing the faxes. Fax image files can be viewed and modified.
  • Image conversion. Faxes can be converted from one format to another, including Adobe PDF.
  • Image normalization. The fax message can be re-paged or re-rendered.
  • Image editing. Fax image pages can be turned upside down, split or merged.
  • Image pages removal. Fax image pages can be entirely deleted.
  • Combining several faxes. Multiple messages can be combined into one.
  • Printing of the image files. Faxes can be sent to a printer.
  • Message forwarding. Fax message can be forwarded to another email, fax, phone or user.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR). Fax files can be converted to text files using OCR.

Virtual ArtiFax printer. It is an automatically or manually installed PCL, PostScript or XPS virtual printer for "printing to the fax" of any file available for printing service, including MS Office or Adobe documents. Before message is sent, it is possible to specify the desired time of fax transmission and some other parameters.

Any email client (Outlook, The Bat!, etc.). Email clients can be used for sending documents to the fax server for further transmission. Email subject specifies he fax number and desired transmission time. The fax server interprets attached documents as files required to send.

Send file utility. This utility allows sending files of any kind directly to the fax server using IP sockets. Its main window is the same as in the virtual printer.

We can give you a link to a demo version upon request.

For additional information, you can read PDF manual or download ZIP-file.