Corporate fax server for Windows Fax Sr.

Network Faxing Solution Fax Sr.

Omtools Fax Sr. for Windows NT is the network fax system which satisfies even the most complex faxing requirements. Fax Sr. combines power and ease of use with cost-effectiveness in a distributed client/server architecture. Whether your environment is a single workgroup, or multi-site with hundreds of users, Fax Sr. is the proven solution.

Fax Sr.....Easy to Manage

With Fax Sr. you can control and monitor all fax resources from any PC. Via a powerful graphical interface, Fax Sr. delivers complete management control and analysis of one or all fax servers from a local or remote connection.

Fax Sr gives you complete control by user name Email, group, server, or calling pattern. Fax Sr. lets you set fax priorities, ensuring that urgent faxes get there fast while low priority faxes take advantage of off peak phone rates. You can view and analyze detailed fax logs of every event - dialing, connecting, redialing, transmission length, and much more.

Fax Sr. is easy to install and set up. With integration of existing directories, easy to select user and system parameters, automatic cleanup utilities, and compressed fax storage, Fax Sr. eases the role of system administration.

Fax Sr. is scaleable for unlimited growth, and it eliminates the need to install different solutions for different platforms. Fax Sr. for NT supports and compatible PCs and Digitals Alpha, and seamlessly integrates with Omtools Fax Sr. for VMS/OpenVMS and UNIX platforms. In addition it delivers on the enterprise-wide, multi-platform promise by supporting users or applications on any networked computer.

Fax Sr.....Easy to Use

With the Fax Sr. solution, you can send and receive faxes directly to the desktop.....any desktop. Whether running MS-DOS, Windows, Windows NT, MacIntosh, Browsers or Motif, Fax Sr. serves your users with a common, and easy to use faxing interface. And through full integration with all their desktop applications, including native integration with Email and Microsoft Exchange, users need little or no training. Fax Sr. supports multiple simultaneous email systems, while delivering support for Rich Text Format, attachments of any kind, and drag and drop capability.

Fax Sr. delivers the productivity lost from printing documents and hand feeding fax machines. Route incoming faxes right to the desktop. Schedule notification tasks. Use the phonebook feature to store commonly used names and numbers. And Fax Sr. automatically resends and notifies you when a fax is completed. Letterheads, logos, forms, even signatures get there with near letter quality.

Fax Sr.....True Cost Savings

Just one server automates hundreds of users, without the need for expensive hardware. Fax Sr. eliminates fax machines, desktop modems, and fax phone lines to the desktop with expensive monthly charges.

With advanced Least Cost Routing faxes are automatically sent across the WAN or Internet to local servers, where the faxes become local calls. Plus scheduling faxes to take advantage of off-peak phone rates reduces expenses even further.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy to Use Interface. Fax directly from any native application as easily as printing. Or send and receive from Email or Fax Sr. client.
  • Phone Book. Shared, public and private phonebooks. Import from existing files or create your own on the fly, or use your Email phonebook.
  • Notification. Receive a desktop notification of fax transmission, or receipt via Email or Fax Sr. client. Monitor fax status in real time.
  • Mass Notifcation. Send using mail lists. Send immediately or schedule transmissions for later delivery.
  • Least Cost Routing. Route faxes between servers, over your private WAN or Internet, to make a free local call out of a long distance fax connection.
  • Inbound Faxes. Receive to a printer or the desktop, via Email if desired.
  • Remote Access. Give users complete remote fax send and receive capability (via PPP, SLIP, RAS) while away from the office.


  • Mail Compatibility: Microsoft Exchange, cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, SMTP, MHS, MS Mail, VIM, MAPI
  • Fax Resolution: 100 200 dpi
  • Supported Applications: Word-processing, spreadsheet, text, graphics, postscript, etc.
  • Inbound Routing Compatibility: DID, DTMF, Cover Page, CSID, OCR, Dedicated Channel
  • Multilanguage Character Support.

System & Network Needs

  • Network:
    Transport: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DECnet, AppleTalk, NetBIOS, NFS, NetBEUI, Named Pipes
  • Windows NT/2000/XP:
    Unlimited number of users
    OS Windows NT (Workstation or Server) Pentium, Digital Alpha
  • User Workstations:
    Unlimited number of users
    Platforms: Macintosh, Windows, Windows 95, browsers, Windows NT, Unix Workstation, Motif, DOS
  • Telco Interfaces:
    Unlimited channels
    Analog: Gammalink, Brooktrout, Class 2 modems
    Digital lines: T1 selectable by DS0, ISDN