Dialogic DNI/310PE2 (DNI310TEPE2HMP) board

Main features  
Ports 30 (1 ISDN PRI, SS7)
Resources None
Interface ISDN PRI, SS7
Internal bus CT Bus (H.100)
Control microprocessorer Freescale MPC8314 PowerQUICC II Pro, 400 MHz
Form factor Half size (168 mm), PCIExpress, x1
Operating temperature from 0В°C to +50В°C
PC resources  
Bus PCIExpress (rev 1.1)
Bus speed 33 MHz
Bus mode 32 bit
Shared memory 24 Mb
IRQ All Dialogic DNI/310PE2 (DNI310TEPE2HMP) boards share the same IRQ
Input/ouput ports Not applicable