Dialogic HMP software and hardware

Dialogic HMP overview

Dialogic HMP for Windows is a multi-functional software for building various audio, fax and video solutions such as call centers and voice portals. Dialogic HMP supports up to 5000 simultaneous SIP sessions and up to 2000 simultaneous voice sessions per one system.

Dialogic HMP main features Description
Ports up to 2000
Interface IP over Ethernet
Call control protocols SIP, H.323, H.450.2, TLS
Data transfer protocols RTP, Secure RTP
Voice codecs G.711 A-law mu-law, G.726, G.723.1, G.729a, G.729ab
Video transfer protocols H.263
Conferencing up to 580

Dialogic HMP licenses price

Dialogic HMP licenses Price
DMIPS10V30W - Voice HMP license Call
DMIPS10I30W - IP Call Control HMP license, SIP, H.323, 1PCC and 3PCC Call
DMIPS10R30W - RTP G.711 (and G726) HMP license Call
DMIPS10E30W - Enhanced RTP HMP license Call
DMIPS10S30W - Speech integration HMP license Call
DMIPS10C30W - Conferencing HMP license Call
DMIPS10F30W - Fax termination HMP license Call
DMIPS10M30W - Multimedia HMP license Call

For VoIP HMP license bundles (Voice, IP Call Control, G.711) we can offer special pricing.

Dialogic HMP interface boards

Name Interface Form factor CT Bus Ports Description
DNI310TEPE2HMP 1 ISDN, SS7 PCIe H.100 30 DNI/310PE2
DNI610TEPE2HMP 2 ISDN, SS7 PCIe H.100 60 DNI/610PE2
DNI1210TEPE2HMP 4 ISDN, SS7 PCIe H.100 120 DNI/1210PE2
DNI2410TEPE2HMP 8 ISDN, SS7 PCIe H.100 240 DNI/2410PE2

You can send a request for HMP price.